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Album News: The Strokes – Angles

Julian Casablancas has unveiled the strangely non-Strokes album cover art for the upcoming Strokes album Angles. It’s their fourth album, and is due for release on March 22nd. Earlier this week, the band unleashed ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ as a free download on their official website for 48 hours.

1 “Machu Picchu”  
2 “Under Cover of Darkness”  
3 “Two Kinds of Happiness”  
4 “You’re So Right”  
5 “Taken For a Fool”  
6 “Games”  
7 “Call Me Back”  
8 “Gratisfaction”  
9 “Metabolism”  
10 “Life is Simple in the Moonlight”  

Stream ‘Under Cover of Darkness’:

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  1. That album cover is horrendous. Hopefully the music isn’t. First single is meh though.

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