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Album Review: Daithi – Embrace EP

Daithi - Embrace

Former television talent show contestant Daithí O’Drónaí was always a cut above the rest of his competitors. He had a musicianship that was second to none, and had a keen ear for creating a great melody. His electronically synthesised fiddle playing was not something many people had been familiar with before, and he quickly became a household favourite.

Since then, he’s taken time out to refine his art, and last week finally released his debut release, the Embrace EP. It’s a wonderful clash of soundscapes, led by Daithí’s fabulous fiddle playing, particularly on highpoint ‘Sleep Like a Stone’. However, for all his talent, and his knack for creating a tune, this instrumental seven song release seems to be lacking.

It’s all very well crafted, with gorgeously textured songs such as last year’s single ‘Ci’ or the speed-picked ‘Waves’, but there’s not enough variety here to demand new listeners to stand up and pay attention. I just have the desire to hear a vocal arrangement overlay the record, imagine if Daithí’s stellar fiddle playing was combined with the vocal beauty of someone like the Holy Roman Army’s Laura Coffey for example. Now then we’d have a record on our hands.

For now though, this is a decent debut, with seven tracks that really stand up on their own (the title track in particular), but when blended together, it’s a small bit too one-dimensional. A Gorillaz-style release of guest vocalists next time around perhaps?

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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