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Album Review: mynameisjOhn – There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads

myaneisjOhn – There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads

Released by StressDebt&ChestPains, the new album from Johnny Doobs includes rapping. So if you’ve been following him before now, you’ll not be disappointed. Essentially it’s a hip-hop record, containing a mass of samples, beats, old Irish balladry, and some most entertaining swearing.

The first thing you’ll notice about There is a Policeman… is how it all blends together, it’s immaculately layered, and the samples chosen are inspired. Particularly the folk ballad to end ‘Pigtown’. The songs are short, snappy, and never outstay their welcome, but because of the way it’s produced, it all segues together into a cohesive whole.

‘What up, Kesey?’ shows Conor Oberst how to overlay someone talking nonsense – well it’s probably important, but like those throwaway songs that open up Bright Eyes albums, you don’t really care what they’re saying. The beats are never overbearing, take the hazy ‘gO slOw’ for example, it’s a hazy little interlude, and serves as a perfect coda for ‘What up, Kesey?’.

‘Decimals are Most Fly’ is the most hip-hop of the tracks here, but is still more inventive than 99% of what’s in the urban charts. The piano riff is fantastic throughout, and works well with the layered rapping. The fantastically titled ’2pac plays cornerback for éire óg’ is the soundtrack of a medina transported to the urban back alleys of east end London. You may have guessed already, but the titles have nothing to do with anything.

Opening with ‘Dia Duit’ and ending with ‘Slan Leat’, you’d expect this album to have a very Hiberno-hip-hop feel, but it transcends location, and is worth your time if you’ve even a passing interest in hip-hop beats. There’s definite export value in this one.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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