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Album Review: Padraig McCauley and the P Affection – Self-Titled

Padraig McCauley and the P Affection – Padraig McCauley and the P Affection

That album cover is seriously freaky. Those eyes are out to get me. They’ve burned in my head. I can’t get them out of my head. Help! Judging an album by its cover kind of works here though. It’s not hypnotic zombie child music, but instead, just like that image on the cover, the melodic indie inside will get stuck in your head, and stay around in your consciousness for ages after the ten songs have finished.

Band leader and the man whose name is on the cover, Padraig McCauley carries things along, playing a variety of instruments as well as providing lyrics and vocals, but what makes this debut stand out is his band the P Affection. Brian Reynolds’ saxophone and Rebecca O’Connor’s violin give these indie-pop songs an edge over their contemporaries.

There’s a diverse range of styles from the surf-pop of ‘Worries of the World’ to the riff-led guitar indie of ‘Almost in Greece’ to the Suggs-style-ska of ‘Trouble in Paradise’. And that’s just the first three songs! McCauley was instrumental in every part of the recording process, even mixing and producing the album itself, and the care that has gone into each one of these songs shines through.

‘I’m Fucking Amazing’ is a more straight-up rock tune, and will have you believing the lyrics of its charming creator. ‘The Flood’ is more Thrills than Take That or Cheryl Cole, and again O’Connor’s violin comes to the fore. It’s hard to pick a highpoint on the album, as it’s such an accomplished debut album, but the wailing and wooing of possible pop anthem ‘Rose Marie’ is hard to fault.

As the evenings start to stretch and the days begin to warm, this is the perfect soundtrack to Spring. After all, Phil didn’t see his shadow. So it’s gonna be a good one. And with the P Affection on the car stereo, every trip out the door is going to be an enjoyable one.

[xrr rating=4/5]


You can also download his earlier EPs for free here:

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  1. Nice review, similar to my own which will appear on all the 4s this week!

  2. Great review, and a crackin album! On top of it all they’re fantastic live!

  3. Ah, I must try catch them live. I’d say the sax is fairly special.

  4. Look forward to that review Peter!

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