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List: Top 10 Digital Sockets Moments

#DSAs, people in uproar about a controversial host, and one band’s brother accepting it all. The inaugural Digital Socket Awards last night had it all (including an overlong thank you speech from yours truly). In true Channel 4 Sunday night TV filler style, here’s the best moments of the 2011 DSAs.

10. The Dance-off
What can I say? many people had gone to bed by that stage, and whoever did, really missed out. I mean, the whole thing was amazing. With lLgikparty and Sweet Oblivion on the decks, the night ended fantasticallty with many drunken revellers busting a groove on the dancefloor.

9. The reserved tables
We only reserved a couple of tables last night. This wasn’t the Meteor Orange Carpet you know? But we did have room for the RTE ladies, Aidan’s fantastic liveblogging on the DSA site, and then a nice table to the side for Best Pop winner Cathy Davey and one of her competitors in the category, Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy. To have people you look up to like them actually recognising what you do makes it all worthwhile.

8. Meljoann surprising many
Probably the least well known of the acts on the lineup, many people were impressed from their first time hearing Meljoann’s electronic grooves and wonderful vocals. Although some people may have overheard me joking “spacebar spacebar spacebar” as she begun her set on her laptop, her set was so much more. (Backspace).

7. Groom’s cover of Paul McCartney and Wings
Totally unexpected, half-way through their set, the first band of the night, the ever excellent Groom launched into Paul McCartney & Wings’ ‘Jet’ from Band on the Run. Quompilation #2 maybe?

6. Gareth Stack hitting it out of the park
Host for the night Gareth Stack may not have been everyone’s favourite or won too many new fans, but he did have a few fantastic moments last night. None more so than when he ranted about Hot Press, particularly his comment how “Hot Press don’t have a website, it’s just Niall Stokes sitting beside a fax machine with a colouring pencil”. Genius.

5. Róisín from RTE’s professionalism
Mentioned by a few on twitter as how to do it right, Róisín from RTE’s Red Radar not only looked elegant and appeared totally in control, but she also alluded to an earlier joke from our host in true style, dismissing his antics with a measured restraint. It’s a professional attitude like this that will make Red Radar a success.

4. The special guests
Fuck your Rubberbandits, we’ve a band onstage. Forget comedy novelty nonsense and band’s demands for a charity gig, Ham Sandwich were utterly humble keeping their appearance quiet, and then leaving us breathless when they took to the stage. A blistering set from the band who were shamefully overlooked for Choice.

3. 15 awards, 15 acceptances
What other awards ceremony do you have where there is a representative from every winner there to collect an award? It’s not that common. We had discussed cutting away to ASIWYFA in Siberia somewhere, but those Russian DSL cables just weren’t good enough. Fantastic that every band and act was represented, and great to have legend Donal Dineen there to accept Best Radio Show too.

2. Darragh McCausland’s presentation

Ever self-critical, Darragh from Asleep on the Compost Heap wasn’t happy with how he presented last night, but I thought he was incredible. A lovely fella, whose humour isn’t as appreciated as it should be, his “pink and hard” joke was hilarious. He’ll need more stage time at the 2012 DSAs I think.

1. The crowd
Wow, we sold-out in year one. When we first discussed this, we never expected it to be such a major event. And that’s what it was. People are still discussing it on twitter, so that has to be good, right? Thanks to everyone who came, and we look forward to seeing you all in 2012.

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  1. perfect summery!

  2. Kev

    To say that I’m gutted I couldn’t make it doesn’t even cover it!!

    Delighted it all went so well. Congrats Ro, and to Peter, Nay and Aidan – I’ve heard nothing but good things. Bigger and better in 2012 I reckon ;)

  3. That sounds like it was a fantastic night. Congrats to all involved.

  4. Thanks, it surely was.

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