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Stream: Lucy Iris – Dear Diary

‘Dear Diary’ is the fantastic debut single from Lucy Iris, an American singer who has recently upped roots from Florida to move to Amsterdam. Lucy Iris is the stage name of Jennifer Horne, who previously provided backing vocals for a number of artists including Terry Grant, and she even supported Shania Twain and Vince Gill in the US. However, here Lucy Iris pseudonym is much poppier, as shown by the piano-led ‘Dear Diary’, the lead single from her upcoming album Silver Lining out on Dutch label 8BallMusic later this month.

You probably won’t ever hear it on Irish or UK radio, but that doesn’t stop it from being a gorgeous pop single.

Stream Lucy Iris – ‘Dear Diary’:

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  1. WR

    Great song, it’s airplayed on the dutch radio 3fm. I hope the rest of the world picks it up, because it’s a great song

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