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Stream: Oh Land – We Turn It Up

Forget that nonsense that is Jessie J – yes, she’s a decent enough singer, but her songs are truly awful – if you’re looking for good female pop in 2011, OhLand is your lady. Nialler9 mentioned her in his Band of Blogs section in Friday’s D&N magazine, and Jim Carroll gave her a nod back in December. A new album from Nanna ├śland Fabricius is expected on March 15th, but at the moment she has a US-only EP out. She also released a debut, Fauna, back in 2008, but that was confined to her native Denmark. Pharrell is on board for her album, so expect it to be full of pop gems like this one, ‘We Turn It Up’.


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  1. This is an excellent tune. Love the chorus. Where can I find the EP though? :D

  2. alice

    totally agree, excellent tune! and i don’t know if this is the answer ur looking for, but i got the EP from itunes :)

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