Watch: Bipolar Empire – Feel That You Own It

With brand new single ‘Feel That You Own It’, Bipolar Empire are following up the excellent ‘Tempomanic’ with a song that threatens to steal Danny O’Donoghue’s thunder. The video is excellent and features the talents of Ireland’s #1 sportsperson Katie Taylor (take that Robbie Keane!), and is directed by Kevin Godley.

Godley had to say the following about the video: “On screen Bipolar Empire and Katie Taylor symbolise a young and forgotten generation venting their anger and frustration against the system that created the mess Ireland is in right now. It’s rooted here because the music grew here but it mirrors the bigger picture of global upheaval currently playing out on the streets of Egypt, Tunisia, and Iran etc. It also looks beyond the fight to the triumph of dreams and goals over fear and apathy and suggests a positive force for change. Both the song and video for ‘Feel That You Own It’ are trying to spread that positive message.”

The single is due for release on April 1st, but expect to hear it a lot of times on Irish radio before then. A few weeks later, the album of the same name comes out – April 29th. It should be huge.

Watch Bipolar Empire – ‘Feel That You Own It’:

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  1. fantastic song from the lads!!!!reallygreat review by yourselves,this song has to be a no.1…….and no.1 album when released in april!!!keep up the fantasic tunes lads,great stuff from a GREAT IRISH BAND,about time for real music!!!!!!cant stop listening to this track,as the yanks say”ITS AWSOME”…….slan a chara!!!!….john…

  2. Glad you like it so much John. Really looking forward to the album now. Should be a very solid debut.

  3. A brilliant song, being behind the scenes watching Kevin Godley work his magic was beyond fun! Best of luck to the lads with the single, it’s really uplifting!

  4. Great post Ronan, love the song!!!

  5. Yeah, love the video too. Hopefully it’ll get them some more exposure. They deserve it!

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