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Album News: Sleep Thieves – Heart Waves

Following on from their excellent EP, It Was Only a Satellite, which was ranked #18 on my Best EPs of 2010 list, Sleep Thieves are set to release their debut album Heart Waves. Derek Murphy, Sorcha Brennan and Wayne Fahy have been hard at work on the Ciaran Bradshaw-produced record, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Last year, I also proclaimed a certain love for the Brilliant Things, whose sultry pop brought them to the top of my Best EPs and Best Songs list. At the time, I thought Sleep Thieves were an impressive synth-rock band, while the Brilliant Things brought a new dimension to Irish pop. However, after hearing Heart Waves, I can see now that Sleep Thieves have everything that the Brilliant Things have and more. Mark my words, this will be one of the best albums you hear this year (and will be reviewed highly on here, no doubt).

The album comes out April 8th, and will be available in Tower Records, other decent record stores, and online from bandcamp.

Stream/Download ’5 am, November 6th’:

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