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Album Review: Black Robots – Farewell Black Robots

Black Robots – Farewell Black Robots

Black Robots or Bl_ck R_b_ts for you non vowel types are a Waterford duo who make a lot of noise. Speaking of Noise, according to the excellent Cork blog of that name, the band may be forced to change their name thanks to some US band called Black Robot. Whatever they’re called, Black Robots rock!

The now aptly titled Farewell Black Robots is a menacing affair, comprising twelve beastly hard-rock numbers. There’s crunching guitars and blistering drumming throughout, as well as some fine growling, sorry, singing, from Deenosaurus (no, I have no idea of his real name).

Songs like ‘Better’, ‘Easier’, and ‘Get It Back’ are rifftastic monsters, which will grind their way into your psyche. One can only imagine how powerful a live show from these guys would be. There’s a few weak spots like the droning ‘Dead Fox’ and relenting closer ‘Different’, but with 90s grunge-sounding songs like ‘Sugar’, these munster chaps are on to a winner.

If trashy rock is your thing, then this album will be right up your alley. So download it before the band disappear entirely. Rumour has it that Deen is planning on a solo career.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


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