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Album Review: Catscars – Construction

Catscars – Construction

Catscars teased us last year with the single ‘Droid’, making us wait thirteen months for the full-length album. Now that it’s finally here, it definitely was worth the wait. Robyn Bromfield has worked meticulously on the album,

Instrumental experimental opener ‘Going Down’ is led by a menacing riff, reminiscent of the best in B-Movie Horror. Track two, ‘B-Song’, introduces vocals which meld fantastically with the shimmering melody. At it’s heart, Construction is a much floatier, much darker, much more brooding Bat for Lashes, with far more experimentation than you’d get from Natasha Khan.

‘Wish I Had’ is a beautiful centrepoint, built on a relentless riff, and layered with breathy, almost indecipherable vocals. Previous single ‘Droid’ fits in perfectly with the rest of the record, led by a neat riff and a twinkling melody. However, the shrieking ‘Toying With Me’ is a misstep, perhaps too unsettling in comparison with the rest of the record.

Overall, an impressive debut from Catscars, with some fantastic tunes, particularly the gorgeous ‘B-Song’. Definitely worth the wait.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


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