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Album Review: The Walls – Bird in a Cage

The Walls – Bird in a Cage EP

Ahead of their new album, Stop the Lights, due out in the summer, the Walls (or Wall Brothers or whatever other names they go by) are giving us a treat with two songs from the album appearing on their brand new EP. There’s also two non-album tunes, and a radio edit of the title track.

If you haven’t heard the Walls before, think again, you have. Remember the Stunning? And their massive hit ‘Brewing Up a Storm’? Well, that was two of these guys, brothers Steve and Joe Wall. They released debut album Hi-Lo in 2000, and follow-up New Dawn Breaking in 2005, but based on the two tracks here, their third long player may well be their best yet.

The Walls sound like the best of the exciting 1990s, and having supported U2, RHCP, and Dylan (as well as Bell x1 when I saw them a couple of years back), they’ve really honed their craft on stage. The songs are radio-friendly summer hits, and ‘Bird on a Cage’ is their best effort since 2002′s ‘To the Bright and Shining Sun’.

‘Chrome Heart’ is a decent pop-rock tune, but nothing amazing, and doesn’t have a real belter of a chorus which the Walls are best at. The other non-album track, ‘The Big Freeze’ is an instrumental tune, and without vocals the Walls are missing their biggest selling point. However, ‘All a Blur’, the other song that’ll be sticking around for album #3 is a soothing summer song containing a powerful riff.

All-in-all, this teaser EP provides a glimpse of what could be a wonderful pop-rock long player. They definitely are keeping the best songs around for the album, and with pretty good tunes like ‘Chrome Heart’ missing the cut, it only makes me think that the full-length is going to be a real gem.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


*You can also download the title track for free from their bandcamp page.

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