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Live Review: Choice Music Prize

Two Door Cinema Club won the Choice Music Prize on Thursday night, which some people were quite upset about. For me, I think that they were deserved winners. Although it’s far from my favourite album of 2010 (James Vincent McMorrow is yet to win an award, but I don’t have my own personal awards), it ticked a lot of boxes for a lot of people. And isn’t that what music is meant to be about? Credible music can be bought by the masses and toured all over the world. Critical acclaim might mean a lot, but if no-one is listening to your music apart from the critics, it’s hard for some bands to carry on. Two Door Cinema Club’s album wasn’t universally loved by critics, but I think Tourist History had something to offer everyone. Whether it was just an album to get you warmed up for a night on the town or something to stick on while driving in the car, it was a decent album in a lot of contexts.

So what if they were more successful than some of the others on the shortlist, the Choice Music Prize isn’t just about promoting undervalued music to the masses, it’s a celebration of Irish music across a whole host of genres. And as radio-pop went, Tourist History was up there with Cathy Davey and the Divine Comedy as the best radio-friendly release of 2010.

I’ve probably loads more to say about the Choice Music Prize and why TDCC were as worthy as anyone else (I was however waiting for a whoisadebisishank tumblr blog though), but for now, why not relive it all again, thanks to Darragh Doyle‘s uploads, and‘s intro videos.

Halves Intro:

Halves ‘Haunt Me When I’m Drowsy’ (with Jennifer Evans):

Fight Like Apes Intro:

Fight Like Apes ‘Thank God You Weren’t Thirsty’:

Fight Like Apes ‘Ice Cream Apple Fuck’:

James Vincent McMorrow Intro:

James Vincent McMorrow ‘Follow Me Down to the Red Oak Tree’:

James Vincent McMorrow ‘If I Had A Boat’:

Cathy Davey Intro:

Cathy Davey ‘Little Red’:

Cathy Davey ‘Army of Tears’ (with Conor O’Brien):

O Emperor Intro:

O Emperor ‘Taloned Air’:

O Emperor ‘Po’:

Two Door Cinema Club Intro:

Two Door Cinema Club ‘Something Good Can Work’:

Two Door Cinema Club ‘What You Know’:

Adebisi Shank Intro:

Adebisi Shank ‘International Dreambeat’:

Adebisi Shank ‘Europa’:

Villagers Intro:

Villagers ‘The Meaning of the Ritual’:

Villagers ‘Set the Tigers Free’:

The Cast of Cheers Intro:

The Cast of Cheers ‘Derp’:

The Cast of Cheers ‘I Am Lion’:

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  1. Thanks for the intro videos, didn’t get to see them as I was listening on d’radio.

  2. You’re welcome. Some of those videos are great, especially the Cast of Cheers one.

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