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Stream: Catscars – Constructions

Firstly, let me start by saying that I’m glad I’m typing this rather than saying it. Why? Well, I’m not sure how to pronounce this band. Is it Cats-cars or Cat-scars? Either way, Constructions, the debut album from catscars, a solo offering from Robyn Bromfield, who makes murky synths sound appealing. From what we had heard before, this was set to be a very promising debut, and now we can stream and pre-order it online. It’s officially released this Friday, March 4th.


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  1. Gib

    CAT SCARS! : )

  2. John

    Love this album, you should’ve posted the video for Wish I Had though!

  3. It is a great video alright, but the album itself is perfect listening ;)

  4. Gib: Thanks. Are they like scars on cats or scars caused by cats?

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