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Album Review: EleventyFour – The Joy Imperative EP

EleventyFour – The Joy Imperative EP

Look! Cuteness overload
An album that’s so sweet it’s
Review’d in haiku

1. The Friend Song
My God, she’s got lots
Of friends, more than me anyway
Is she Tom MySpace?

2. Small Wonders
All the first three songs
Are under two minutes long.
La la la la la

3. Forklife
Genius title
With even better lyrics
And no Phil Daniels

4. Greetings Earthling
How come Phoebe from
Friends never wrote something
That was this charming?

5. Arlene Dreams
The EP ends well
By slowing things down a bit
Not too much. Fear not!

Warm, and full of heart
A lovely little record.
My cockles are warm

[xrr rating=4/5]

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1 Comment

  1. This haiku review
    Is wonderfully worded
    Eleventy is smiling

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