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Album Review: Royseven – You Say, We Say

Royseven – You Say, We Say

By now you’ll have heard ‘We Should Be Lovers’ on the radio. You’ll probably have heard it over a dozen times. Beat FM down here always seems to play it, but I’ve also heard it on the nationals, 2FM and Today FM. So it’s everywhere. If straight up pop-rock is your thing, then this album is for you. That song opens the record, and the album doesn’t diverge far from the road indicated by their huge single.

It’s easy to see why the radio bosses like the song. It’s a neat love song with a huge, memorable chorus, and in no time at all, you’ll find yourself singing along. There are a good few decent radio-friendly pop-rock tunes here, and that’s definitely what the band do best. Lead single ‘Killer’ was a wise choice to promote the record, with its grinding riff and unstoppable chorus. While ‘Walls’ is the best thing the band have done to date. If their record company, Roadrunner, has any sense, it should be the next single. It’s much more nuanced than anything else they have written.

Some of the songs are just a bit bland though, like ‘I Need to Know Your Name’ and the title track. The title track in particular is a weak point. It sounds extremely dated, and the forced chorus is fooling no-one. There just isn’t enough variety here to deserve repeated listens. The singles are good and all, but the rest of it is far too middle of the road.

An improvement on their debut, and a step in the right direction. It contains a few good-to-great songs, but has far too many average tunes to make it stand out among the crowd.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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