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Album Review: Sum Yung Wans – 4 in 1

Sum Yung Wans – 4 in 1

Jack Kearney and Greg Hall are Limerick’s finest musical duo. Forget about those fellas with the Spar bags on their heads. This is where it’s at. Still at school, they formed Sum Yung Wans and thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, won Limerick’s Young Enterprise Award. See? Music can still make money and win plaudits. They’ve got covers on youtube (and have been known to perform that Rebecca Black song), 4 in 1 is an extension of this free-spiritedness, and it’s a pretty good first album.

Named after their Chinese take-away order of choice, it’s a fun, short record with Jack on vocals and Greg on everything else. Full of clever lyrics and knowing cultural references (Lion King ftw), it’s a heartwarming effort. Only fellas with this much charm could get away with lines like “I don’t like your hair, but I like your face” (on ‘That’s Okay’).

‘Stories’ is a Strokesian mess of a rock song, and if these guys took themselves seriously, they could really make a stab at being an out and out rock-band. There’s riffs Marty McFly would be proud of, but the world doesn’t need another straight-up rock band. Having a laugh with your best mate is much better than being Carl Barat to his Pete Doherty.

Not to be out of touch, there’s even some autotune on ‘Magic (Parody)’ which is, as you’ve guessed it, their take on B.o.B., except with JK Rowling inspired lyrics. ‘Heartbreaker’ is a straight-up MSTRKRFT cover and it’s fairly decent, or as the lads say “daycent”. The song title of the year has to be ‘Massive Owls’. Genius.

This album won’t be for everyone, and it’s nothing groundbreaking musically or vocally. It is just parodies of pop music after all. It’s just fun, and on sunny days like these, what more could you want? You may even find yourself singing along to their ridiculous lyrics! YEAH, IT’S OKAAAAYYY!

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

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