Download: Lorem Ipsum – The Good Friday Disagreement EP

Promo emails from bands are always a tricky subject. Is there a best way to approach a blogger or journalist about getting your music featured? Everyone has a different style, and thus various bloggers like different things. Personalisation is key. Make sure to start with the blogger’s name. Not just Hey or Hi. Put their name in there, and not the name of the blogger. Note to bands: my name isn’t Paul. Doesn’t the title give it away? One thing I like though, is snappy email titles. That’s how Lorem Ipsum got my attention. What’s snappier than the subject line “A Load of Gash”? Stands out from all the “Please listen to my hardcore gangsta rap mixtape” emails.

Named after the default text for blogs, Lorem Ipsum is a Wicklaman who makes refreshingly decent instrumental electronica. It’s very well crafted, and… Well, I’ll let the man speak for himself. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Lorem Ipsum is the project of Howard H. Baker, a compact cassette enthusiast living at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains. It is entirely reliant on homemade tape loops garnered from his 10,000+ cassette collection, taking in carefully-scissored and respooled samples from 1970s RTE Talk Shows, drum n’ bass pirate broadcasts, and Nina Simone bootlegs.

“An unwieldy magnetic-confined study on unconscious planes and the cosmic sphere, Lorem Ipsum is the product of obsessive-compulsiveness, anal retention, and phase-2 psychosis, fully downloadable soon in .zip and .velcros formats. Fans of instrumental hip-hop, sampledelia, and Waka Flocka Flame will drink it up.”

His facebook page has even more crazy backstories. We may never know his real identity. Maybe he’s Hitler in disguise.

Download/Stream: (Those track titles are genius)

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