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Album News: The Dinah Brand – I Can Walk Through

A lot of the new music I get is through email. Bands from all over the world send me music, in the hope that I might mention it. Lately, I’ve been getting so much that I’ll just check your bio or website to see if you’re from Ireland, and if so, I’ll definitely listen. If not, there’s a 50% chance I don’t have the time.

However, often a brilliant album will totally evade my inbox. The Dinah Brand’s I Can Walk Through was one of those such albums. So where did I find out about it? The same place as everyone else. On Nay McArdle’s Harmless Noise, Ireland’s best (and most vocal) music blog, which ceased trading last night.

Nay spoke with a voice that many others silenced or censored. She interwove her own feelings into each paragraph, saying what each album, and each song meant to her – sometimes angering her readers, but more often than not holding their hands firmly, and safely, through the listening process.

Each day, I check my RSS reader to see what other Irish blogs have been talking about – I don’t always click through the links to videos and streams, but when Nay praises an album, it’s impossible not to get caught up in her whirlwind of eager excitement.

For the Dinah Brand, it was this paragraph that shone. I mean, no-one else in Ireland describes music so poetically. It’s a talent I wish I had, every day.
“Released on 4 October, it’s arrived at just the right moment – the leaves are falling, curling and fading, the skies are darker sooner and for longer, the air is cold and carries a scent that fills the lungs with misty traces of past times. Sounds for this part of the year require introspection and reflection, substantially warm somethings for the months ahead. Many bands add depth to their music by plying layer upon layer, lyrically, vocally and in the arrangements to bulk up and pad out their songs, aiming for the relatively new goal of Album Of The Year. At just over 36 minutes in ten tracks, The Dinah Brand have gone the other way, constructing an item of simple but durable, lasting quality that could well live on for another seven years.”

Beautiful, you will be missed Nay McArdle.

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Stream ‘What’s Required of a Person’:
Dinah Brand :: What’s Required of a Person by Harmless Noise

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