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Album Review: Mob Fandango – Dig EP

Mob Fandango – Dig

Mob Fandango are a ten piece who met while at university in Maynooth (after my time, so I have no connection to these funksters). As a ten piece, they have a wide range of influences, and there’s six separate songwriters. This is their debut EP, and was released just last weekend. So what’s it like? Do too many cooks spoil the broth?

Well, the first thing that hits you about Dig, is the massive sound. There’s so much instrumentation going on. Sometimes it can be a little overbearing (as on ‘Funk Epidemic’), but at other times it works just perfectly. Mostly, however, it’s fun. The four tracks here are about having a good time, particularly ‘Dancefloor’. It will get you dancing, and has a feel of early Kanyu Tree – that’s far from a bad thing.

‘She Might Be Crazy’ is the best song here, as the band don’t try to fit so many styles into the one tune. It’s just a neat, groovy song, with a wonderful summer pop feel. Not bad for a brass-led funk tune, eh? Similarly, the title track and EP closer ‘Dig’ is a simpler song, and ends things nicely, particularly with its more rocking second-half.

A nice introduction to Mob Fandango, who have all the right ingredients to make something special. This is a nice taster, and hopefully they’ll have something a little meatier in the future. Still, very much worth a listen.

[xrr rating=3/5]

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