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Up in the navigation bar, there’s loads of links to my Free Irish Downloads section, but that’s all they are. Links. From time to time, I might get the urge to advise you on what’s cool and free, but most of my free downloads are just text with no substance. However, over on Harmless Noise, each entry in the “Free Music” section comes with a nice blurb as to why it’s so great (whereas the only criteria for me is “free”. Greatness is an added bonus).

Recent entries have included Lamp, In The Black Box, Tenaka, Owensie, and Before the Beginning. The last of which are another Nay-introduced band, one which I may never have explored otherwise. That’s what a visit to HN was, a voyage of exploration, where some new treasure would be uncovered each and every day.

Before the Beginning have made a gorgeous EP, many of the songs on which have yet to get 50 plays. You owe it to Nay’s recommendation to have a listen. Because if she tells you it’s good, it’s bound to be.

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Isolated in the Final Moments Before Dawn EP by Before The Beginning

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