List: Top 25 Harmless Noise Posts

Making lists is one of my favourite things to do on this blog. On the other hand, Nay was never a fan of ranking things. So this is in chronological order rather than from 20-1. Also, picking just 20 Harmless Noise posts is impossible, there’s so many great ones!

Eye ❤ My City
There’s a new kid in town, a new blog, and it’s so much better written than all the others. There’s real feeling to it. This was the beginning, back in November 2009, when Nay McArdle returned from her post-Off the Rocker blogging hiatus. Hopefully the same will happen again soon.

Down With This Sort Of Thing: The Blasphemy Article
Yes, back in the early days HN had non-music articles. A sure sign that Nay is much more than a one-trick pony. See people, this kind of stuff is better than any columnist in your Sunday newspapers.

Re-Up #1
Blogs are meant to be personal, and none were more hands-on than Harmless Noise. Here she tells us what she’s been up to, it’s damn entertaining. Plus, you’ll also be directed to a tune or two.

Album: Sounds of System Breakdown
Best opening paragraph ever.

This Day Bring All The Girls To The Yard, They’re Like “Equality Is Hard”
Nay was never an old-fashioned woman, here’s four billion reasons why.

Notes :: Beware The Rides of March
The first real megapost on the site. You could spend weeks clicking through all the links and listening to the sounds. These were really useful roundups, well, unless you had deadlines to fill.

On Music, Being Irish And Into It
A celebration of green guitars and mint microphones for St. Patrick’s Day 2010.

Album :: The Redneck Manifesto
Fantastic review of the Redneck Manifesto’s Friendship. Reading it made me go back an appreciate the album a little bit more.

No Girl Writers
Down with that sort of thing. Careful now.

News :: Cathy Davey
Nay gives us news of a new single and tour from Cathy, but once more, with feeling.

Lists :: The 50 Best Bands In Ireland Right Now
But not Nay’s list, mine and Peters. It’s always nice to be recognised, even when it’s in a post where Nay complains about how she loathes lists.

Down With This Sort Of Thing :: Online Extortion.
Remember IMROgate? Here, Nay fights the man.

On Stupid Blogs and Good Websites
Still the golden rules for bands, despite what some OTR commenters might think.

This Summer At Bandcamp….
Genius title, praising the brilliance of bandcamp, possibly the most useful site for bands, MyWhatNow?

Dear Road Records, With Love
A fitting tribute to independent record stores, following the announcement of Road Records’ closure.

Notes :: Last of the Summer Feedback Whine
I think this may be the biggest megapost ever. Wow.

Notes :: Music Journalism
Portents of what was to come last night. The article is a brilliant examination on music journalism in Ireland as a whole.

Does Local Music Matter?
Simple answer: Yes

2010 :: Top Songs
She may hate lists, but here’s Nay’s favourite songs of 2010. Recommended!

Top Albums 2010
And her top albums too!

Best Free Music of 2010
She hates lists? What are these so?

2010 :: Year of the Blog
Whoever said blogging was dead was an idiot.

Songs For The Deaf
The bravest and best personal post I have ever read.

News :: Two Door Cinema Club Win Choice Music Prize
Any post that has 55 comments has got to be worth reading. This one definitely is.

Free Music :: Zombie Computer
The first in a marvellous series of exclusive covers for HarmlessNoise.

DRUMROLL… Here’s the actual #1 post:

The Whatmans’ WTF-Man
THE defining post of Harmless Noise.

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  1. cheers for posting this… that whatmans post will live on in our hearts forever!

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