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Stream: Morning Hush – Bare Hands

‘Bare Hands’ is the second single from Morning Hush, and what got me excited about it was not the Strokesian sound of it all, but the fact it was mixed at Peter Gabriel’s studios. The single, which is a riffing beast of a song with Kanyu-esque vocals, and will be launched at the Shebeen Chic on Thursday, the 26th. The song itself then goes on sale on iTunes the following day.

Support comes from the Raglans, and the gig is free in!

An album is lined up for the Autumn, which will have to include ‘Romance’, the brilliant debut single from the Dublin based foursome. Ah go on, you convinced me, I’ll put a stream of that down below too:

Stream ‘Romance’:
[wpaudio url="" text="Morning Hush - Romance" dl="0"]

Stream ‘Bare Hands’:
[wpaudio url="" text="Morning Hush - Bare Hands" dl="0"]

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