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Stream: The Holy Roman Army – Rope (Demo)

For a long time now (well since the Holy Roman Army’s debut album), I’ve proclaimed Laura Coffey as one of the best voices in Irish music. Her soothing vocal made the HRA shine, and although Chris did a good job at the microphone himself, it was the gorgeous female that was the band’s selling point. Until now. With ‘Rope’, the first sample of their upcoming second full-length, they’ve moved way beyond their comfort zone, and have made a tune that seems almost transcendental. Chris’s soaring instrumentation has really come on leaps and bounds, perhaps partially down to their covers EP, his remixes, and sideprojects, which have given him the confidence to explore. And what’s more, the song is not even fully finished yet! If the Rapture had a theme tune, it would sound like this. Take me Jesus!

Drumming on the track comes from Dennis Cassidy, while Dave Power of The Dead Flags provides bass.

Rope (demo) by theholyromanarmy

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  1. RonanC

    Great track!

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