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Album News: Ryan Adams – Ashes and Fire

Ryan Adams has announced a new solo album. Yes, a new one, not a collection of demos or B-Sides or anything, a proper new solo record. No Cardinals either. Although it does include Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers’ organist Benmont Tench and Norah Jones, who was last seen with Adams on ‘Dear John’ back in 2005.

It’s 12 alt-country songs, some of which he road-tested on his recent UK and Ireland tour, and is produced by Glyn Johns, the father of Ethan who produced Heartbreaker. Could this be his return to form? Fingers crossed. He also plans to return to the UK (no mention of Ireland, but here’s hoping) to play songs from the album later this year.

Have a listen to ‘Empty Room’, which is a possible track for the new record. It also features backing vocals from one Mandy Moore:

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