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Download: Tenaka – EPhemeral EP

Limerick electronica genius Tenaka is set to release his debut album later this year, and has offered us up a fantastic (free) teaser for it in this seven track EP. It’s pretty gorgeous and includes a whole host of special guests. Kind of like the Irish version of Gorillaz. The EP includes guest appearances from Sacred Animals, Holy Roman Army, Sorcha Brennan (Sleep Thieves), Daithi and Elaine Mai and was produced by Ian Maleney. I had heard most of these in demo form, but they’re so much better in their finished versions. Simply gorgeous.

1. Three 03:20
2. Home (featuring Daithi and Elaine Mai) 02:48
3. Open Out (featuring Holy Roman Army) 03:22
4. Universe i (featuring Sorcha Brennan) 02:50
5. Throw Sevens 01:40
6. The Alaskan 03:20
7. Daithi – The Dog (Tenaka remix) 02:44

There’s also a short film ‘Ephemeral’ created by Musea Murison and directed by Cormac O Conaire to coincide with the release of the EP:

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