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Album Review: Beyond Olden Acre – The Western Seaboard EP

Beyond Olden Acre – The Western Seaboard EP

The sixties. In Ireland we had the opening of Rosslare Ferryport, nightiegate on the Late Late, the demolition of Nelson’s Pillar, and the withdrawal of the ha’penny. In America, they had the swinging sixties, as the Mamas and the Papas dominated the airwaves. Well, it’s not too late for Ireland’s own flower-power revolution. And if that happens, it’ll be soundtracked by The Western Seaboard, the three-track debut EP from Galway four-piece Beyond Olden Acre.

CaitrĂ­ona, Brian, Danny, and Colin now reside in Dublin, and together they’ve released a wonderful three track EP of floaty folk-pop. The centrepoint of the band has to be the wonderful vocal harmonies, which evoke a certain kind of nostalgia in me for a time way back before I was born. A fauxstalgia, if you will.

The cover of the EP is a wheat-field, and that picture paints the scene for the seven minutes of bliss found inside. Hazy guitars, open plain imagery, all evoking the spirit of the US midwest. ‘Darkest Plains’ feels authentically old-time, with a smooth guitar riff underpinning those wonderful vocals.

At seven minutes, and just three tracks, it’s over far too soon. But this is a special debut nonetheless, and shows exactly why the band went down a storm at HWCH a couple of weeks back.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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