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Download: Skelocrats – Whip Crack Away EP

Despite the gigantic banjo on the cover of Skelocrats‘ debut release, the Whip Crack Away EP is not a new Irish bluegrass release, instead it’s low-fi garage-pop from Ireland’s newest supergroup. Padraig (from Land Lovers), Bronwyn (Grand Pocket Orchestra/We Are Losers), Micheal (Groom) and Patrick (Grand Pocket Orchestra/No Monster Club/Ginnels) have teamed up for the seven-track release, of which a follow-up is promised later in the year. It’s heavily influenced by the members’ original acts, and has a flavour of everything in it – mostly the dirty pop of Land Lovers and We are Losers though.

‘Better Days for the Eskimos’ is the standout track for me, and if you only listen to one garage-pop song this week, make sure that’s the one! The EP is a free download, that you can grab below, while Skelocrats will be making their live debut on the 28th of April at Popicalia #14 in Doran’s on the Green, with So Cow and No Monster Club.


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