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Watch: Bell x1 – Sleepover Show

Sleepover Shows is a marvelous Boston-based website, which gets artists passing through the city to record three acoustic or stripped-down versions of their tunes.

According to their blurb, they “try to use our spaces as creatively as we can. We’ve filmed in the back seats of cars, on top of playground equipment, in doorways and alleys, in bathtubs and stairwells. We try our best to get the bands to take their music outside of the confines of the studio and have some fun.”

Previous guests have included the Hours, Deer Tick, Lydia Loveless, The Low Anthem, The Drums, and over a hundred more. In fact, Bell x1 were #113 in the Sleepover Show series, recording three songs from Bloodless Coup in the back of the band’s tourbus. Watch them below, and then head over to Sleepover Shows to check out more stellar acoustic performances.

Bell x1 – ‘The Trailing Skirts of God’ (acoustic):

Bell x1 – ‘Velcro’ (acoustic):

Bell x1 – ‘Nightwatchman’ (acoustic):

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