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Watch: Dave Matthews – Mercy

The Dave Matthews Band are currently working on their eighth studio album with producer Steve Lillywhite. Lillywhite produced the band’s first three records, Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, and Before These Crowded Streets. The producer was also working with the band on a fourth album, but it was scrapped when Matthews met Glen Ballard to record the underwhelming Everyday. Those sessions did emerge as the Lillywhite Sessions and Busted Stuff, highlighting how the band seemed to work much better with their original producer. He’s back working with them after a decade away, and a new album should emerge in the next few months.

The first song from the record made its live debut last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, although an acoustic version with just Matthews and Roots guitarist Captain Kirk. It’s called ‘Mercy’, but expect the finished album version to have a lot more going on.

Matthews also guested with Fallon on ‘Dorms, Shower Baskets, and The Walk of Shame’, while President Barack Obama joined the Roots to slow jam the news. Check out all three videos below.

Watch Dave Matthews ‘Mercy’:

Watch Jimmy Fallon & Dave Matthews ‘Dorms, Shower Baskets, and The Walk of Shame’:

Watch The Roots & Barack Obama:

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