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Album News: Dick Desert – A Trucker’s Missus Opera

The land that gave is Nick Cave is back with another gem of an album. Australia’s Dick Desert are set to release new album A Trucker’s Missus Opera on September 17th, 2012. The record fuses punk and country into a gritty blend of bleakly humorous songwriting while packing an uplifting emotional punch. Starting with the country ode ‘Cunt of a Man’ before ploughing straight into the rough, riff-heavy ‘Amphetamine Cowboy’, Desert’s record recalls bands as diverse as Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and even Miranda Lambert.

The harmonies between Desert and The Diamond Dahlia give the album an extra charm that’s often missed from punk records like this, while the meditations on drink, drugs, and women are straight out of Country Songwriting 101. It’s an intense 25 minutes, but one which has more than an enough depth to keep you coming back for repeated listens.

Sample some Dick Desert for yourself:

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