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Watch: Dave Matthews Band – Alpine 07-07-12 Full Show

Nothing like being able to watch full live shows on youtube. This one is from Dave Matthews Band’s 2012 Summer Tour, and taken from Alpine Valley Night 2 in July. The video was compiled by Chester Copperpot from other fan recorded videos of the gig.

Dave Matthews Band
July 7, 2012
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI

Little Thing »
Funny the Way It Is 4:52
Pantala Naga Pampa » Rapunzel 12:45 04
Loving Wings 20:36
You & Me 31:30
Shotgun 36:40
Crash into Me 44:02
Minarets 51:03
Jimi Thing 57:19
Rhyme & Reason* 1:15:35
The Dreaming Tree* 1:23:47
Raven 1:40:16
#41 1:46:30
So Much to Say » 2:00:10
Anyone Seen the Bridge » 2:04:40
Too Much 2:06:52
Gaucho 2:13:00
Typical Situation 2:18:20
If Only » 2:31:45
Two Step 2:39:38

The Space Between 2:59:47
Ants Marching 3:05:40
Thank You* 3:13:50

* – w/ Stanley Jordan

Watch full show:

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