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Album News: Villagers – {Awayland}

Conor O’Brien’s Villagers have just announced details of their second album. {Awayland} comes out 11th January 2013 on Domino Records, and to whet your appetite, there’s a somewhat jarring video trailer. Although it’s a bit all over the shop, you do get to hear snippets of what the album itself should sound like.

Also: Ooh, curly braces. It’s like doing sets back in maths class!

My Lighthouse
Earthly Pleasure
The Waves
Judgement Call
Nothing Arrived
The Bell
Passing a Message
Grateful Song
In a Newfound Land You Are Free
Rhythm Composer


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  1. “Album News: Villagers – Awayland | Swear I’m Not Paul” was indeed a great blog post. In case it had much more pics it would be possibly even much better. Cya ,Corinne

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