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List: Best Irish Albums of 2012

It’s that time of year once again. My favourite time of the year. List time! Screw Santa’s list, there’s nothing like the sheer amount of wonderful music you find by reading other people’s Best of the Year lists, and I hope you’ll find plenty of brilliant tunes and albums from 2012 on my own lists. Without further ado, here are Swear I’m Not Paul’s Best Irish Albums of 2012.

20. Seamus Fogarty – God Damn You Mountain

Rita Jack’s Lament from Seamus Fogarty on Vimeo.

19. Logikparty – Oh Cult!

18. Autumn Owls – Between Buildings, Toward the Sea

17. Heathers – Kingdom

16. Windings – I Am Not the Crow

15. Funeral Suits – Lily of the Valley

14. I Am Not Lefthanded – The Fire & The Sigh

13. Pearse McGloughlin & Noctures – In Movement

12. Solar Taxi – Broken Brother’s Secret Bells

11. Sea Pinks – Freak Waves

10. Croupier – Croupier

9. Ginnels – Crown

8. The Lost Brothers – The Passing of the Night

7. Mumblin Deaf Ro – Dictionary Crimes

6. Parallel Band – Paper Walls

5. Carried By Waves – Softly Held Together

4. Mossy Nolan – Mossy Nolan

3. The Holy Roman Army – One Atom That Was You

2. Delorentos – Little Sparks

1. The Cast of Cheers – Family

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